Feminine, elegant, dramatic, Vincent Licari collections feature precious hand details and exclusive fabrics. His vision incorporates elegance with grandeur, a unique manner of mixing modern designs with glamorous history-inspired haute couture. Each piece is made-to-measure for a single person and is constructed by hand.

Vincent began his journey out of High School wanting to be a fashion photographer. After showing his portfolio to local modeling agencies, he received suggestions to use professional models and clothing. Because of this, he turned to making interesting clothes to photograph. It was not until he saw the televised fashion event in Rome called "Donna Sotto le Stelle" that he committed to the transition to fashion design.

Vincent turned to his family to learn the basics of tailoring. Largely teaching himself, he experimented with textiles and embroidery. Along the way, he picked up additional hand techniques from other dressmakers. Eventually, Vincent had a rare opportunity to learn from Russian Couturier Aleona Isokova. He has since collaborated with stylists, personal wardrobe stylists and most recently MATRIX - L'Oreal USA.

Currently, Vincent is continuing his training in Paris while designing limited collections.








Production : EOP Paris
Photography : Eric Ouaknine www.ericouaknine.com
Retouching : Photoretoucher Simona Vaicyte
Makeup/Hair : Hélène Rabu
Model : Alexia Cicard
Making Of : François-Xavier @ Lowendal Films



Vegas Rated Magazine

Modern Salon

Bella Magazine NYC


Campaign - by photographer Alessandro Frezza

Campaign - by photographer Marco Tenaglia

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